Paras Chadha

Zippo LED flashlight!

Have an old broken zippo lighter laying around? Well don’t throw it away! It can make a perfect case for an LED flashlight.

Now honestly, this isn’t anything special, putting a flashlight in an old zippo is stupid, but I figured it would benefit those who want an easy project that involves some beginner soldering. This project couldn’t be more perfect for beginners.

If you decide to do this though, I would like to give you guys a recommendation, get a button that closes the circuit when pressed, then stuff the half of the top so that it presses the button when it’s shut. The beauty of doing it that way, is you don’t have to press anything–Open the zippo and the flashlight turns on, close the zippo and it turns off.

If you decide to do this project, feel free to embed a picture or video of it in the comment section below!