Paras Chadha

How to: Use Wiimote on PC as a Controller/Mouse

Using a Wiimote on PC or Mac, that’s a futuristic thought! Thankfully for all of us, the future is here! Today we are going to show you how to use your Wiimote on PC as a game controller or mouse! Mac tutorial is coming soon!

Some might be wondering, what’s the point? Well, not everyone is great at using a keyboard! And there is something about using a classic-like controller for side scroller games! So there are a lot of benefits! Plus you can kick back, put your feet up, and game without wires!

Wiimote on PC Downloads:

Wiimote on PC Supplies:

Wiimote on PC

How to use your Wiimote on PC

  1. Plugin your bluetooth adapter and activate it. Note: Following steps may vary from bluetooth stack to bluetooth stack.
  2. Wiimote on PC - Bluetooth Adapter in Computer

  3. Go to your Bluetooth places, and add a new bluetooth device.
  4. Wiimote on PC - Bluetooth Pairing

  5. Follow the wizard and pair it as a “Human Interface Device”
  6. When your computer starts looking for device, hit the “1” and “2” buttons on the Wiimote (lights on Wiimote should start flashing).
  7. Wiimote on PC - Wiimote Pairing

  8. Select the Wiimote on your computer once it’s found.
  9. Your device should be paired, so you can now open up the app we downloaded, Glovepie.
  10. Either paste the script you want, write one, or use the gui to create one (watch the video for specifics).
  11. Configure whichever game/app you want to use the Wiimote.

The actual configuration part of the process is relatively simple! If writing scripts or mapping really intimidates you, just checkout the additional notes below, you can download some scripts made by the community. Personally, I’m a big fan of just using it as a controller for some classic games, but I’m curious to know what everyone else is using theirs for! Comment below and let me know what your application is!

Additional Notes:

  • In the glovepie download there is a folder that contains a lot of Wiimote scripts (including the script to make your Wiimote a pointer).
  • If you get an error when trying to pair your Wiimote and computer, it may be an issue with the stack that you’re currently using (click me for more information).