Paras Chadha

Siri Assistant App Review

Siri is a startup company from San Francisco. This application is quite simply a digital assistant, that does whatever you say. You tell it what to do and it does it (in a sense it’s better than a real assistant since you can’t hurt its feelings and it can’t be lazy :P). The question is, does it actually work well? Well, we’re going to find out in this Siri review!

Siri Review - Siri Assistant App Screenshot and Logo

The Siri Review: Thoughts

To kick off this Siri review, all I can say is, YES INSTALL IT. When I first installed the app to conduct this Siri review, I immediately took note of a few things. One, when it comes to voice it is magnificent, it picked up almost all voice tests that I threw at it, the only ones that it didn’t pick up were ones that no normal person would actually ask (even a real assistant would be like “wtf?”).

Siri assistant is very much so a Google Voice Search for the iPhone. The only difference is that it appears that it is powered by Yahoo/Bing results. When using this application I did notice a few problems, one when finding results it was kind of slow when it came to using edge (I haven’t tested this on 3G since I’m on the old 2G iPhone). When it comes to finding what you need though it does the job.

Siri Review Screenshots

The Siri Review: Conclusion

If you need something like this I definitely recommend downloading this as fast as possible since I wouldn’t expect this app to be free for too much longer. When startups release their first applications and they are attempting to build a name they typically release their apps at first for free to build a reputation, then when they gain a base they will add a price tag. However for me personally I would prefer just using the google app and text searching everything since the vast majority of the time it’s just faster typing than talking (plus you’d look pretty damn stupid asking your phone a question in public).

I’m actually kind of curious to see what you guys think of this application though so do me a favor and write a comment below letting me know what you think of this app now and write another comment after using the app for a while and let me know what you think!