Paras Chadha

Samsung Galaxy S gets Gingerbread port right from the Nexus S

If you want the best android experience then the Nexus phones are probably the best you’re going to get since they are running 100% raw android and Google provides all the software. Well unfortunately obtaining a Nexus phone tends to be difficult since they are not offered to all carriers (only T-Mobile). Luckily for us though, the guys over at XDA-Developers have hooked us up again!

Both the Galaxy S series and the Nexus S are built by Samsung and have nearly identical hardware specifications. So luckily for the people over at XDA-Developers it didn’t take long at all to get a Gingerbread port over to the Galaxy S series. Now what is the benefit of this? Now all carriers can have the Nexus experience (and that’s extra good since Samsung is absolutely HORRIBLE about software updates).

Port Link: XDA-Developers

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