Paras Chadha

Samsung Flexible AMOLED Display at CES 2011

Samsung is by far my favorite display manufacturer, they’re always finding ways to innovate! Well it was just last year where they were showing significant progress with creating flexible displays (and based on the view count associated by the post, I know everyone loved them!). Well in just one additional year, they managed to make their displays WAY better in the sense that now the displays can be touched and folded to the users desire.

If you haven’t see the video above, definitely give that a look, it’s very impressive. I definitely would love to see that in phones (the Nexus S has a slightly flexed display but it’s not incredibly noticeable the Nexus S has a regular, flat super AMOLED display fused to a curved piece of glass).

The first thought that came to my mind when looking at these displays is the fact that it’ll be much more difficult to break your screen, which tends to be the most common reason people replace smart phones.

If you were at CES and caught some video of these bad boys, make sure you embed it in the comment section below!

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