Paras Chadha App Featured On The Sony Xperia Commercial

The commercial isn’t anything too special, but the main reason why I’m posting this is because of my love of The startup has come a long way since its initial launch. When I first joined and started using most people hadn’t heard of the company, now more and more people I speak to know of the site. They were slightly late to the game when it comes to the mobile market, however with both mobile and desktop they are by far the leader in both streaming and broadcasting live media.

I was part of their closed android and iOS betas when they were testing out the mobile applications and it has come a long way, so I’m glad to see that it is featured on Sony’s┬ácommercial. The app from what I’ve seen works perfectly on all Android devices that are capable of running it, and it runs just as well on iOS. If you’re interested in the application, install it by either scanning the QR code on the left or by searching “” in the market.

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