Paras Chadha

iPod Designer Designs A Self Learning Thermostat

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For those of you who don’t know, Tony Fadell is the man behind the iPod! Fadell was the designer for several generations of iPod but he took a leave from Apple to work on a stealthy startup called Nest. Now I haven’t heard much about Nest for a while, but now they are finally releasing their first product, which is a revolutionary Thermostat!

All I can say is that this thermostat is SEXY! I can see that Tony Fadell has learned from Steve Jobs. This is the first thermostat that I’ve actually wanted to buy, there is nothing too learn it just works!

This Thermostat is incredibly smart! You just set it throughout the day, change it at night, when you leave, when you get home, etc and eventually the thermostat learns your behavior and will automatically adjust the temperature so you don’t have to touch it again.

Oh and of course an iPod designer can’t release a product without an app, even if that product is a thermostat. You can adjust the temperature from anywhere using their mobile app, not just locally, you can be at work and think “maybe I should turn off the air conditioning at home to save some money” just open the app and the app communicate with the thermostat.

If you want some more info, check out the video below: