Paras Chadha

I hope these flying robots obey the 3 laws

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Click me if you don’t understand the “3 laws” reference in the title.

I’m a big fan of robots, but after seeing the video above, I can honestly say that they are approaching a new point of usefulness. I’m hoping to see in the future where construction workers aren’t actually doing hands on activities, they are actually sending instructions or almost writing code for robots to do the construction for them. That would still require the skills of a construction worker, but make their lives much easier! Not to mention the fact that it would increase the build time of our structures (and reduce the amount of human error that exists in current structures).

*Puts on tin foil hat* On the other hand, if we were to add a bit of artificial intelligence to these robots and left them running one night, we’d wake up with our own little robot city! Scary right? Lets hope they are as nice as R2D2 and C3PO (jk).

I’m curious, how do you think these flying robots can revolutionize the world?

  • jonny

    they would be amazing for house chores

    if you had to put up blinds or a curtain

  • GamerBeck

    id love those since im short