Paras Chadha

Froyo for the Samsung Galaxy S

By now all of you are probably aware of how many bugs are present in the new line of Samsung Galaxy S phones. Most Galaxy S owners have been complaining about these issues non-stop, Samsung keeps responding to these complaints by saying an update is coming but it always ends up getting pushed back (initially the update to fix bugs was scheduled a couple weeks after launch and Froyo release was going to be September). Well clearly neither of those happened, so most users are pretty upset and are creating chaos on cell forums all over the web (not really but it sounds much more dramatic when said that way). Today however someone sent me a video of a leaked version of Froyo for the Samsung Captivate (AT&T’s Galaxy S variant).

Honestly after watching the video above I can say in full confidence that if all the bugs are fixed ALONG with all those updates coming in Froyo, I can honestly say that Samsung may have created the best Android phone in the market (well in my eyes at least, everyone has their own interpretation of the perfect phone).

If they break their trend of late updates, they could honestly be the new leaders of the smart phone market. This is the first Android phone that has DESCENT support, a media player that is tolerable, great extras, and a UI that is clean and easy to use (I personally don’t like it…but I’m a geek, the average consumer probably loves it).

Once Samsung releases their Froyo update and recovers from their bad reputation, I’m sure they’ll create a huge name for themselves in the smart phone market!