Paras Chadha

Flexible Paper Android Phone!

Electronics evolve at a rapid rate, and recently mobile phone technology especially has been going through this on both, a hardware and software standpoint. Well iPhone and Android phones have been getting much better displays over the current years with matching software involving supporting gestures.

Well this breakthrough is interesting, the person above used an E-ink display and basically creating folding gestures. Whenever the “paper display” is folded a certain way, the Android operating system, responds in the way that it was programmed.

Well you might be asking yourself, what’s the point? Well to be honest, there really isn’t a general purpose that I can see, but hey this is, and if you’re a geek you’re aware, there might not be a point towards a breakthrough similar to the this, the point of doing it, is to prove that you can!

The only thing I would prefer over what they did, was using one of the flexible Samsung displays!

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