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Evolution of Android (video)

This video does a great job demonstrating how much Android has grown over the last 3 years. Back when the original G1 came out, a lot of people had doubts about whether it would actually take off. The phone itself had very few adopters and in general was pretty ugly, we have to keep in mind that most people buy phones because of appearance, not from functionality *COUGH* SAMSUNG GALAXY S *COUGH*, sorry I have a cold today.

Just by the appearance/hardware, there has been a huge change in Android phones since 2008. One thing for sure is that the phones themselves look much better, which means that average people will have a higher likely hood of picking one out. During the original 1.x stages of Android, the OS looked pretty horrible, it definitely picked up some speed when the Nexus One was released with Android 2.1. Although the Nexus One phone itself may have failed in sales, the operating system was amazing!

Today I see Android as valid competition for iPhone, so honestly choosing between iOS and Android is actually difficult, it’s a matter of personal preference. Unfortunately for myself, this is a negative, since now I’m unhappy with both phones since I love the features on both.

As far as the future of Android, I can see Android becoming the largest tablet operating system since you have so much more control (which you want on a tablet), but for phones, it makes me nervous now that Apple is spreading to other carriers. On the map, the primary location for Android phones was in the US, and we’re also one of the few countries who had the iPhone on only one carrier (I know several people who only got an Android phone because it was their only option for a smart phone on their carrier). We’ll see what happens once iPhone is on all carriers, let me know what you think in the comment section below!

Android Evolution

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