Paras Chadha

Apple iOS 4.3 Beta

Apple really doesn’t waste any time! What you’re looking at above is the iOS 4.3 Beta, it’s currently available only to developers however it should be out relatively soon!

Most of the features shown in the video above are dedicated to the iPad which makes me think that this firmware will be officially released with the announcement of the new iPad within the next few weeks.

The features are mostly pointed towards multitasking with the different multitouch gestures. iOS was definitely difficult to use when it came to quick switching between applications but I’m glad to see that they’ve found a way to clean that up (at least for the iPad). I personally would have loved seeing something along the lines of an exposé view, but this is definitely just as nice.

Let me know if you’re using this developer firmware, I’d definitely be interested to learn as much as I can about it!

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