Paras Chadha

Change Icons on iPhone w/o jailbreaking!


The best part about the iPhone is the enormous variety of apps and how easy it is to develop new ones! One problem though, although it’s easy for someone to program apps it doesn’t guarantee them the artistic ability of making a great icon, that’s where this guide comes in. Most people are hesitant to jailbreaking their iPhones because it voids their warranty and if anything goes wrong it can end bad, however this guide doesn’t require a jailbreak, it just works 🙂

Note: This has been tested on an iPhone 4, so therefore it working on the original, 3G, or 3GS is not guaranteed (if someone could test that for me, that’d be great).

Now the tool you’ll need to complete this task is called iPhone Explorer (free). Download and install that, then create a 114×114 PNG 72 PPI with no transparencies or layers.

Follow this guide word for word:

  1. Navigate to “(your iPhone’s name)/Apps/(application name)/(application name).app”
  2. Rename the file “[email protected]” to “icon@2x_Old.png” (this will backup the old icon in case you ever want to revert back)
  3. Paste the new icon in this folder.
  4. Restart your phone and voila! Your new icon should appear.


I have no idea if your new icon stays after you update the app, I some how doubt it does, so you’ll have to repeat after the update which isn’t too big of a deal, just back up your new icon as well.

UPDATE: For the other iPhones you just replace the file “icon.png” with a 57×57 pixel PNG file.
UPDATE 2: Video on how to do this will be released soon

Source: UnEasySilence