Paras Chadha

Android lock on the iPhone!

Yo guys! Yeah been a while since I wrote a post, I’ve been pretty busy lately HOWEVER I came across a download that I couldn’t let pass. The download was actually for Jailbroken iPhones, it’s pretty cool if you want a little change in your iPhone OS. This app is called AndroidLock this app is what it sounds like. It changes your “Slide to unlock” with password to the android lock with the 9 dots and your drag a combination through the dots as your password.


To get this app you simply just need to go to Cydia and search for “AndroidLock” (no need to add sources and it’s free). Once downloaded and installed just go to Settings -> AndroidLock. In this submenu all you do is set your combination, once set, reset your phone and the AndroidLock should take effect.

Now although this app sounds cool in theory it isn’t for everyone. I feel like a lot of the android lovers would like it (I am an android fan, just pointing that out) I feel like it’s too buggy right now but a lot of people don’t mind and still use it. For example this doesn’t work like this: “Slide to unlock” then you slide in your combination. Nope, there is no slide to unlock so because of that I immediately uninstalled it. A second thing is that it’s kinda insecure. Why is it insecure? Well to get around the password you simply call the Phone, then you get the “Slide to answer” when you answer the phone just click home and it takes you to the home screen, then when you’re there you just uninstall AndroidLock from Cydia and the password is removed.

So for a lot of people those bugs won’t matter and that’s great go for the download, but for me although it was kinda cool the bugs kinda kill it for me, maybe once those bugs are killed I’ll be on board 🙂

Just thought I’d show you guys this so you all could test it out, let me know what you guys think of the app in the comments or email me if you want your post covered on this blog.