Paras Chadha

The Real O Fortuna Lyrics!

This is why the internet was born! To decipher the meaning of music, take this song for example, this is clearly what the song is actually trying to say! I mean the dramatic part starts with the “SALSA COOKIES!!!!,” if I had salsa cookies, that’s the moment of the song I’d start playing at.

Troll thoughts aside, this video is insanely entertaining, and the creator, FamishedMammal, clearly has no life… Then again, most of us on the internet don’t, and we love stuff like this! This is FamishedMammal‘s first video on YouTube, but honestly, I think he should do this to a ton of other songs and dedicate this channel to videos like this! I don’t speak for the entire internet, but in my honest opinion, something like this would be extremeley successful on YouTube!

Now honestly tell me, in your opinion do you think a series of videos like this would do amazing? Or do you think it’s a on hit wonder? Let me know in the comment section below!

  • Hunter (yes, that one)

    This is awesome.