Paras Chadha

Download Angry Birds for Android!

angrybirds I have been an iPhone user for a long time and recently bought an Android phone just to get a taste of the Android operating system. Android is pretty even with iOS overall when it comes to apps however when it comes to games they are WAY behind (especially when it comes to the games that are more intensive). One game for example that should definitely be on Android is Angry Birds since it has been the #1 most downloaded app for the past couple months now, luckily Roxio (the company that made Angry birds) has given this thought and is nearly complete with the app as you can see with the video above. Luckily they have released a beta for us all to try!

Download Instructions: Scan the barcode above with the barcode scanner application or click me to download.

UPDATE: If you get the “The requested item could not be found” error, then click me for the download instead.