Paras Chadha

Credit Card + Lighter = Awesome Phone Stand!

WAIT!!! Don’t throw away that credit card! Although your credit card might be expired that doesn’t mean its use has gone away. You can always do what Meseta4114 did and convert it into a phone stand! Some of you might think that looks kinda wacky however, I’d rather spend no money on this ghetto stand then spend $40 on Samsung’s dock.

It looks fairly easy to do and I’ll probably make one (I’ll update this post with photos once I do), The only modification I think I’m going to do is add some edges on the front so it actually holds your phone from slipping forward.

If you decide to make one as well be sure to embed a picture in the comment section below or if you have anything to add feel free to do so as well (I can already hear all the HTC EVO 4G users being all smug about their kickstands after this post).

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