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Swindon Girl Gets Bionic Fingers!

Edit: Video Deleted

Prosthetics has always been an incredibly interesting field! After seeing the prosthetic limbs that Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker have, I’ve always hoped that within my lifetime those limbs would become a reality, and this is definitely a step in the right direction!

When I was younger I had a close friend whose dad was a Prosthetist so whenever I’d hang out with this friend, his dad would always have these cool new forms of prosthetics limbs, but to be honest, most of them sucked! They were slow, expensive, and weren’t even close to full functionality of an actual limb. It’s actually kind of sad that we’ve mastered so many forms of consumer electronics but there hasn’t been a lot of research and development in prosthetic limbs, if we can solve that problem (if I was a billionaire I’d totally fund the research), then I can stop worrying and do more stupid things!

The 15 year old who uses the glove in this video lost her her fingers as a toddler when she suffered from septicaemia after contracting chickenpox, this glove uses sensors inside to detect specific movements very precisely. Apparently this technology is still in it’s testing phase and the current price is about $62,700 (£38,000). This device has actually helped her so much that she is planning on returning back to school in the fall!

That being said, this is the first promising prosthetic limb that I’ve seen since the i-Limb (both are actually made by the same company), if more research and development goes into this, we could perhaps actually see the famous Luke Skywalker hand come to life!

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