Paras Chadha

Official Samsung Vibrant Fix!

UPDATE: It appears that rooted users got have a leaked beta rom to this firmware patch and it appears that most of the bugs have been patched (included the long awaited gps fix, apparently it locks onto your phone in mere seconds!). Remember though this is a beta rom so it could turn out EVEN BETTER than the one that’s leaked right now.

Anyone who owns a Galaxy S device is aware of the many bugs (hell most of you who don’t own one are probably aware of the issues since I’ve been complaining about them for quite some time now). Well it appears that Samsung has notified T-Mobile that a firmware update will be released September 20th which will fix the GPS (video above), lag/freezing (below), Google Maps, Outlook, etc. Although it has been a few months since the release of the phone I’m glad they finally got around to doing something about the problems.

Unfortunately there is still no word on when the Froyo release will be, however rumor has it that it will be launched end of September. When that occurs the Samsung Galaxy S devices deserve another round at a GoGeeks review; at that point it’s actually a full on competitor to the other big smartphones phones in the market thanks to the amazing specs and Samsung branded applications.

I guess now I can stop calling T-Mobile and Samsung to complain about the GPS problems. Captivate users may still want to complain since AT&T still has yet to say anything about an upcoming update (I would believe that if the vibrant is getting an update that the other Galaxy S variants would be getting one too, but then again we’re talking about Samsung, logic doesn’t seem to exist with them).

So if you’re a Galaxy S user, what problems have you been having with your phone (aside from the GPS…we should start compiling a list for Samsung)?

Source: XDA Developers Forum