Paras Chadha

Xbox 360 Hack Demo (Homebrew!)

In the past Xbox 360 hacks have been extremely boring! Messing with the motherboard is extremely complex in comparison to the original Xbox, so the vast majority of Xbox 360 mods have been through flashing the disk drive. Today however is a great day for the Gaming Hacks community! The french developer/hacker, GliGli, released a new xploit called the “Reset Glitch Hack” on the XboxHacker Forums. This hack is apparently compatible with most of the Xbox 360 models: All Slim models and the FAT, Zephyr, and Jasper old models (apparently a fix for the Falcon old model will be released soon).

You might be wondering how this works since the Xbox 360 motherboard is a huge mine field for modders. Well to dumb it down, the chip sends pulses to the processor in order to destabilize the console and make it believe a modified CB is correctly hacked and signed (even if it isn’t). Apparently the process is still a little buggy and it doesn’t work every time, but just keep running it until it does. After the CB is accepted, it has enough rights to launch homebrew or other applications, in the video the Xenon Linux Loader which he used to run an N64 emulator.

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  • Rockzeen

    Cool but looks super hard to do

    • Teerdrop