Paras Chadha

New Xbox Bluetooth Headset and Remote

It seems that the classic white accessories associated with the Xbox 360 are a thing of the past! Now that the console has been refreshed to the new glossy black design, it seems all the accessories are getting redesigned to match. It’s almost like they’re pushing gamer towards purchasing this new tiny Xbox rather than refreshing the new console.

I of course am not too surprised by that move, it’s almost like the release of the Kinect was the release of their new console. The console is still extremely powerful, developers are like coding geniuses and graphics/engines are still getting better on the same hardware.

Anyway, take a look at the video above, I have to admit that the new headset and remote do look extremely slick!

Q4U: Do you think Microsoft needs to release a new console, or do you think the Kinect is enough for the time being?

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  • sub4kal

    I think they need a new console… not that they need one, im just bored of the 360 lol

  • TomGabey

    I don’t want to rape my wallet, so no.