Paras Chadha

iOS 4.2 to increase performance on the iPhone 3G

iOS 4 was probably Apple’s biggest leap in the mobile operating system world since iOS 2 (which introduced the app store). iOS 4 introduced many requested features such as multitasking, folders, gamecenter, bluetooth keyboard support, and much more, however like every operating system, upgrade problems and requirements come with it. Since the new iOS operating system has added so many features, unfortunately it uses too many resources to support the 1st generation iPhone and 1st generation iPod Touch, however for some reason they didn’t drop the iPhone 3G despite the fact that on a hardware standpoint it’s pretty behind (the only additions to its predecessor are GPS, 3G, and additional ram). So as expected iOS did a great job slowing down the iPhone 3G users, Apple did announce that they are working on ways to get the iPhone 3G users back up to speed, and by the look of 4.2 in the video above, it looks like they have made improvements, however they are still far from perfect, your best bet is just to downgrade to a 3.x firmware.