Paras Chadha

Transfer Steam Games

If you are in any way a PC gamer then you are very familiar with the online gaming marketplace known as Steam. Steam is very similar to the playstation marketplace or the xbox marketplace for purchasing games and getting access to online play with a social network. This system works great and has become extremely popular however the only downside to doing this is downloading games only allows it to be available to that computer since you don’t have an actual copy of the game, so when upgrading computers it becomes a big problem if you want to carry your game library over. Luckily I have come up with a solution to this problem, just follow these steps and all your games can be transferred:

Make sure you have a method of moving your games (ex. flash drive, external hdd, ethernet, etc)

  1. Open “My Computer” and select your hard drive (in my case local disk C:/).
  2. Open the folder “Program Files”
  3. Open the folder called “Steam” and copy the folder “SteamApps” (This folder holds all your games AND game saves)
  4. Paste this folder in an external hard drive/flash drive (or use some method to transferring this folder to your new computer)
  5. On the New computer move replace your old SteamApps folder with the new one and all your Games/Game Saves will be transferred

Enjoy your new PC with all your Steam games 🙂