Paras Chadha

Macbook Pro 1.8 EFI Update

If you’re a unibody Macbook Pro owner, it’s more then likely that you have learned to accept the design flaws, like the hinge or the amount of heat it generates. This morning however Apple came out with a fix for one of the few design flaws that the Macbook Pro had, this design flaw being the noise the disk tray makes when the Macbook Pro makes when turned on or awoken from sleep. ­After seeing this update I obviously went ahead and installed it to confirm that this update works and doesn’t cause any side problems. First thing I noticed when installing this update is it does take more work then expected to install this update.

Installation Procedure:

1. Click the Apple drop down menu and select “Software Update…”
2. Select the updates you want and make sure that “EFI 1.8 Update” is selected.
3. During the install it will prompt you to click the shutdown button and do so.
4. Click the power button and WAIT. The screen will remain black for around 15-30 seconds, afterwards you will see a Apple loading screen soon after your computer will startup.
5. Once your computer is booted go to “Software Update…” once again and now a superdrive update should appear, select and install that.

After installing these updates your computer should no longer make any noise when going to sleep and when it’s awoken.

NOTE: Some users have stated that their computers have slown down after installing this update, I however haven’t noticed any speed differences (if you do try resetting your PRAM).