Paras Chadha

Jailbreak/unlock iPhone firmware 3.1.2

When I began making videos on YouTube I made A LOT of technology tutorials. Some being iPhone tutorials on how to jailbreak and unlock the newer firmwares, many viewers noticed that I stopped creating these videos and have asked me “why did you stop making videos on how to jailbreak and unlock the newer iPhone firmwares? I never know what to do!” Well the truth is that I only made those videos in the first place because I was experimenting with which kind of videos should dissolve and which videos should stay. The jailbreaking and unlocking videos unfortunately didn’t make the cut for videos that should stay. Why is something you might be thinking and i did come up with a few good reasons. One reason is that they simply didn’t get a lot of views in comparison to the other videos that I have uploaded in the past. Another reason is that they are TONS of other uploaders for this topic so I felt it was unnecessary to cloud YouTube with another video talking about the same topic (sure mine might be higher quality but the content remains the same!). Lastly the project has moved from a more difficult task to an extremely easy task, so easy that there is no point in even creating a tutorial. To prove this to you all I decided to make one final tutorial on how to unlock/jailbreak an iPhone/iPod (well if a more difficult firmware to jailbreak/unlock comes out then I may make an exception and make a video but until that day comes this will be the last!).

Warning: By following this guide you manage to render your iPhone/iPod useless we are not responsible! Please attempt at your own risk.


Please read entire tutorial before attempting!


  1. Plug your iPhone/iPod into your computer, open iTunes and backup your content (to backup right click the device and hit “backup”
  2. Restore your iPhone Firmware to 3.1.2 firmware.
  3. Once restored open the blackra1n application that we downloaded earlier
  4. Click “make it rain” then wait for your iPhone to restart
  5. On your iPhone click the blackra1n icon and choose the items you want to install (Cydia/Rock)

Enjoy your jailbroken and unlocked iPhone 🙂