Paras Chadha

How to change Windows Vista Theme

How to change Windows Theme

Have you ever had your windows theme be reset? Here how to change it back and fix a glitch, oh Vista and your glitches…

Your playing a game and you minimize or do something and you get a pop up that says the Windows Theme has been reset. Now what?

If the windows theme changes or you cannot change it back to the color you wanted do the following:

1. right-click on your desktop and click on ‘Personalize’.

2. Click Window’s Color and Appearance

POSSIBLE PROBLEM: Many users reported that, after they click on ‘Window Color and Appearance’, they see a window like the one below.

This should look familiar.

If this applies to you, then choose Windows Aero in the Color scheme list, click on OK and restart the procedure described above. You will now find all the menus and options described above.

Now that you have fixed your theme you can stop complaining about Vista for an hour till something else breaks.