Paras Chadha

Coolest iPod Accessory!

iPod Touch Sprint Peel Case

This by far has to be the best iPod Touch accessory I’ve ever seen! This isn’t just any normal case, not only does it protect your iPod from damage, it also puts your iPod Touch on Sprint’s 3G network!

This is amazing for those people who don’t want to move over to AT&T’s network for the iPhone, they can have the same experience but on another carrier!

Oh and by the way, that’s not all, you can also connect multiple devices to this case as well as give your iPod some extra battery power (this case packs in a 3.4Whr lithium ion battery, which should last for around 40hrs of standby time). The only thing that I’m curious about is how much it’ll cost monthly, if reasonably priced, this could be a real seller!

This case by Sprint has been titled the “Peel.” No official release date has been listed.