Paras Chadha

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Apple has been the market leader in the Tablet industry for quite some time now, mostly because there is only one big tablet that is out. Luckily a few companies have made the decision to jump into the tablet game with the help of android (or in HP’s case, webOS). Well the one that I see being an extremely strong competitor is actually Samsung. Samsung has put a lot of money towards promotion of the Samsung Galaxy S phones. I personally use a Galaxy S phone along side my iPhone. From what I’ve seen so far, the Galaxy S seems to be incredibly snappy and the specs are incredibly nice (the only problem I have with the phone so far is the GPS).

Anyway this isn’t a review on the Samsung Galaxy S (click me if you want to see that), this is an overview of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is their response to the iPad, check out the video above for a teaser of this product, and the video below for a Samsung Galaxy Tab out in the wild being used.

I’ve said this previously and I’m sticking by what I said, when it comes to phones I prefer using an iOS device but when it comes to using a Tablet device I would prefer using android just because you have more control over the system. The only problem I see with this becoming my perfect tablet device is the fact that the screen is only 7 inches, for me I feel like 10 inches is the perfect amount for a tablet device.

By appearance, one thing that you’ll definitely notice is the fact that it looks almost identical to the iPad, from the UI all the way to the cords (look at the images below).