Paras Chadha

iPhone powered Scooter


Recently during the Paris Auto Show, Mercedes Benz and BMW decided it’s time to start integrating our current mobile technology into their new vehicles! So to show that off they put together a scooter that is powered by the iPhone, the entire dashboard is actually controlled by the iPhones screen (picture above). Apparently the key for your scooter is your iPhone! That’s a world I’d like to live in, where literally everything is controlled by once device that you have, you don’t even need to carry a car key in that world. The only thing that slightly worries me about this scooter is what happens if your iPhone freezes? :O Say hello to traffic tickets in that case? Along with the scooter above BMW actually showed off how their newer vehicles will start coming with iPad docks in the back to replace the dvd players that they used to come with which is amazing!

I just thought all of this stuff was incredibly cool and worth a post, so let me know what you think, do you believe this stuff is cool, or do you think they are heading in the wrong direction?