Paras Chadha

iPad unlimited plan is no more!


I doubt I was the only person shocked when Steve Jobs announced the data plans for the iPad back when, $29 for unlimited data, that’s a little too cheap especially when AT&T is having so much trouble with their 3G usage. Well now what I was expecting to happen has been put into motion, since the data usage is so high with the iPad, the unlimited plan has been scrapped. Instead to replace this unlimited plan, AT&T is replacing the $29 unlimited deal with a $25 high data coverage plan that gives users a 2 gb cap on their coverage.

Now for people who aren’t incredibly tech savy a 2 gb cap is not a lot for a mobile device like the iPad. Most of what people need to 3G for is for when they travel, so it comes in handy for when you’re bored outside your home (most people use it for Netflix, abc, etc), if you’re going to be streaming movies and television shows this 2 gb cap will only last a few days or maybe a week if you’re lucky. Now I’ve always talked about how if I was going to purchase an iPad it would be the 16 gb model with 3G, however thanks to this new cap I think I have a change of heart and I’ll probably just save $130 and buy the wifi only model, the I’m mostly going to be streaming movies and using other data intensive apps such as the application, but I’m not going to pay $25 for a few days of usage, not going to work for me. Let me know what you guys think of this new cap and whether you support it or not!

Update: Rumor has it that these new data terms will also be for iPhone users as well.

Update 2: These new updates will roll out as of June 7th.