Paras Chadha

HP teases 3 prototype devices.

HP Prototypes

Ever since HP acquired Palm everyone has been waiting for them to finally give us a glimpse of a future handheld product, whether it’s a phone or a tablet or any other wacky little device that they have. Unfortunately for the internet’s patience they still haven’t shown us much, however HP’s CTO Phil McKinney tweeted the image above which gives us some information. The devices that are in testing are blacked out but we do know that there is a tablet device (hopefully with WebOS) and a phone. There also seems to be something on his wrist that’s blacked out, so we can only wait to see what that will be. So although it was nice of Phil to hook us up with a picture showing us that there are some cool devices in the works…all it does is leave me with more questions like: What OS is the Tablet running? Specs on the phone? Why are you using a microsoft mouse? Questions like that.

Anyway let me know if you have any theories on the blacked out devices via the contact form or the comments.