Paras Chadha

Mobile Firefox on iPhone

firefox for iphone

For a long time Firefox was my primary browser on all of my computers, so after reading that on Mozilla’s blog I pretty much jizzed in my pants. That was only until I actually read the post and saw their video displaying their new iPhone app (embed below). This iPhone app isn’t actually a full browser for the iPhone, it is actually just an application that syncs with your home computer (or computers if they are all synced together) so you can browse your history or bookmarks with a click of the finger.

Mozilla explained that they wouldn’t be releasing a full iPhone application because of the terms with the Apple application approval system, I’m surprised this statement hasn’t changed after Opera and a few other companies released their own browsers for the iPhone (they didn’t really impress me, but Mozilla making a browser definitely would). So does this really excite me for their app being released? Not really, currently I use Chrome as my primary browser on all my computers just because of speed, so my history and bookmarks wouldn’t be up to date with this application. If it was a full browser and history/bookmarks were syncing while I was browsing on the iPhone with my desktop and vice verca, I would most probably download the app and start using Firefox again! However since it doesn’t really do that, I probably won’t download this application or start using Firefox again, there aren’t just enough positives for me personally. However for all of you who are firefox users and plan to download this app, there is a video below covering the mobile Firefox application entitled ‘Home.’