Paras Chadha

Blackberry Playbook: Fail?

Now rumors have been speculating for quite some time now about Blackberry working on some sort of tablet. Well based on the video below I suppose we know that’s true now, however the real question is do you think it’ll be a success or a fail? Well personally after looking at it they did do a great job showing off the features that the iPad doesn’t have however, the thing people mostly care about are apps. Appleā€™s lead in the apps is insurmountable at this point unfortunately for Blackberry (and other possible competitors in the future). So the way I see it, the only people who are going to purchase this tablet are probably the Apple haters who want to show off their non-apple tablet.

Although this is the case the Blackberry Playbook is not a complete failure, it may not sell well in the consumer market, it will on the other hand probably do relatively well in the enterprise market. Why you may ask? Well it’s because of the brand, Blackberry to this day is known for selling well to enterprise users it gives companies the professional feeling, kind of like how IBM sold their computers in competition to the Apple II.

What may cause a tad bit of annoyance with Blackberry however is that they aren’t running RIM on this tablet, they are actually running a new OS called QNX that they received from a company they acquired not too long ago. This makes me wonder how well sales for this (or the Blackberry Torch) will do. UPDATE: According to the RIM VP, QNX will replace Blackberry’s current OS in phones (sorry Torch users…oh the pain of early adopting).


Anyway let me know what you think of the Blackberry Playbook, and how well you think it will do via the Contact form or the comment section below.

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